Gone Fishing!

So one of the good things about Calgary is that it is close to the Rockies, and the good thing about the Rockies is that it has lakes, and lakes means we can go fishing,… yay!  So with a couple of friends (local fishing experts I believe) we set off to Kananaskis to try our luck on the Lower and Upper Lakes there. Here are some pictures of the nice scenery.

 Lower Lake

Upper Lake

You may have noticed a lack of fish in these photos. Two possibilities I think; either it may be too early in the season, or Canada has run out of fish. We will have to check it out at a later date.


Images of Calgary

Images Of Calgary

Well, I have been in Calgary a few days now and have had the chance to get out and about to explore. Already we have had sun, rain and snow. So here is where I live.

And here are a few pictures from when I have previously cased the city.

Last Day Sun

Well, this was our final full day in Washington. Tomorrow we would be setting off on our way to our new home in Calgary. So we felt the need to get out and take one last look at the state where we have been staying for over a month now.

We woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning and huzzah, we had bright glorious sun! A trip over to Birch Bay near Blaine was in order. Here are a few pictures of our last day fun in sunny Washington.

Stoney Beach


Stoney beach with wood


A path to sea




She sells sea shells…


Sacha by the sea


Sacha filtered by the sea


Me, not filtered, by the sea


Sea and trees