Some Photos of the Nice Scenery, And Some With Us!

Well, we have been exploring Washington for a few days now, and I thought that rather than boring people by writing about how nice the hills are here, or the trees or the sea or blah blah blah, I would just post a few photographs. Some of them are of the scenery and some of them have us within the scenery. This is in fact a contentious issue between me and Sacha. I like to go to new places and take pictures of the nice scenery, while Sacha only sees the value of a photograph with somebody within it. At any given location the conversation normally goes as follows;

Sacha: “Geoff, what are you taking a photo of?”
Me: “I’m taking a picture of the scenery.”
Sacha: “What is the point? Take some photos of us, you can just google the scenery later, you’ll see a lot of pictures.”
Me: “That’s not the same, I like to take my own photos.”
Sacha: “Do you want me to get you a postcard? I’ll get you a postcard if that’s what you want.
Me: “That’s not what I want, I want to take my own photographs!”
Sacha: “Well if you want to take your own photos then why am I not in them?”
Me: “Because I just want a few pictures of the nice scenery.”
Sacha: “What nice scenery?…I am the scenery!”
And so the conversation will go on. I will then tell Sacha to stand in the scene, but to walk away from the camera as to make it look natural. Needless to say, no photograph with Sacha in it looks natural, this is just my time to take a few photos of the scenery while her back is turned. I hope she never finds out!
Blaine – This is an American town on the border with Canada.
White Rock – At the other side of the border in Canada is White Rock. Seemingly this place is named after a giant large rock, which is white and can be seen by the coast.
Walks and Trails – This area seems to be full of great places to walk. Most of these pictures are from the Oyster Dome Trail, off the Chuckanut Drive.
Mount Erie – This is a mountain overlooking Anacortes where we were able to drive our car up to the top. The road isn’t maintained during the winter months, but we were able to make it to the top without any problems.
Out And About – and here are some places, but we just don’t know exactly where.

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