Discovering America?

First Things First

My body clock woke me up bright and early at 4am this morning. Sacha’s didn’t. So as she slept peacefully in the hotel bed I was left alone to work out how the coffee maker works,.. in the dark I hasten to add. It took me a good half hour, but finally I discovered that the water goes in the maker itself and doesn’t just sit in the jug waiting for magic to happen. Now I could sit alone in the dark feeling at least a modicum of smugness at my early morning achievement,….now where does the actual coffee go?

Getting My Papers

Well the reason we were in Canada today was to pick up my papers from the solicitor’s office so I could be made a Permanent Resident. Our appointment was at 10am, so at 9, along with Todd and Anna we set off to wait in a Starbucks so that I could remove the taste of pale brown water from my mouth (I hadn’t successfully mastered the coffee maker).

Then finally it was time to collect my papers. What a moment. After starting the process about 9 months ago I could finally hold the paper in my trembling hands which allow me to be a Permanent Resident. It made all the hard work and effort seem worthwhile.

Ok, when I say hard work and effort we did pay for a solicitor to do the paper work….and all the worrying, the questions I wouldn’t even think to ask, and organising was done by my wife Sacha. But in my defence I had to hear about it. And if I had wanted to change my name during this time, I couldn’t. But the truth is I am a spoilt kid and owe gratitude to Sacha for seeing me through. We duly went to Richmond outside of Vancouver to celebrate this with Dim Sum and to discuss our plans for staying in America for the next few weeks with Todd and Anna.

So What Do I Know About the United States of America?

Well from my school days I remember that it is a country which has been “discovered.” This seems particularly interesting to me. I don’t ever remember being taught that Britain had ever been discovered, I guess it’s always just been ‘covered.’

I remember the primary school teacher mentioning the name Christopher Columbus as the man who is credited with the discovery. A few years later I understood that Inspector Columbo was a different man altogether. And just one more thing, since then I heard that Vikings discovered America first before him,.. Christopher that is.

We had Vikings in Britain too, and I would have assumed that a discovery must have been made for them to find it, but no, if you put this in your history school exam you would be marked wrong. Vikings apparently raided Britain, perhaps even pillaged Britain, but are no way credited with discovering Britain. As far as I can see no one is.

Recalling my history classes Britain had Normans from France, Saxons from Germania even Romans from Italy, and all of these are only credited with invading Britain. Plus the native people before these empires were known purely as Ancient Britains. It’s as if Britain has never been unknown. America itself had very ancient people, the old Native American tribes who lived there undiscovered for many centuries. It almost seems careless, nay impossible, that they lived in a country without themselves having discovered it first. I guess they were just unlucky.

Well today I shall discover America for myself as we travel south to Lynden, in Washington State. , or must I be raiding it?….I don’t think pillaging is applicable here.


On the road.


6 thoughts on “Discovering America?

  1. Congratulations, Geoff — on getting your permanent resident papers! By the way, thankfully, American kids are now learning that, “hey, people were already here when Columbus (who was originally thinking he was hitting India) landed.” Comedian Chris Rock has a really funny bit about how we don’t need to celebrate Columbus Day since he “discovered” a new world with occupants on it. Basically, his first discovery was a West Indian’s backyard.

    At any rate, have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for checking out, Travel Oops, by the way. Cheers — Steph

    • Thank you Steph. I will check out Chris Rock’s skit on the subject. I’m sure there are a few by different people who have found the comedy in this subject.

      It already amazes me how many locals say America has no real history of its own. It does! A lot of it! I guess people want old architecture and buildings to prove it though. Oh well,…. Im enjoying checking out Travel Oops btw, very entertaining.

  2. This is a great piece of writing, truth written in an entertaining way! Congratulations on your Permanent Residency. Thanks for following my blog, and I’ll definitely check out more of yours.

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